Employment Reference Letter (4)

To Whom It May Concern:


It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of Jane Smith’s application for admission into your master’s program. As the owner of the Goodwell Factory, I have seen her develop into a dedicated worker with a mind well-adapted to the demands of the business world.


Miss Smith served as a Trainee and General Secretary of the Goodwell Factory from September of 2008 until March of 2010. In her capacity at my company, Miss Smith was responsible for purchasing supplies and communicating with customers regarding their requirements. Her overall responsibility was to enable smooth and efficient operations, and I'm pleased to say that she performed this task with the utmost competence.


My company is involved in screw manufacturing and export. Miss Smith has already displayed her ability to apply what she learned in school, by communicating with customers from different cultures and backgrounds. Her language abilities and her overall drive and spirit have been an asset to my business, and I am proud and fortunate that she is so eager to take the reins and help our business evolve through this century.


The demands of the industry necessitate leaders who understand the international marketplace and are able to do business around the globe. By pursuing a master's degree in your university, Miss Smith is seeking to gain the skills and experience that will enable her to do this well. I have much confidence in her as a leader, and I offer my recommendation without reservation. I hope that you will give her application favorable consideration.




Dave Johnson
Goodwell Factory, Inc.


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