Academic Reference Letter (4)

Dear Sir/Madam:


I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. John Smith, who is seeking admission to the master’s program at your institution.


I instructed Mr. Smith in the course Microeconomics. In this course, it was immediately evident that he is an ambitious and highly motivated student. He was vocal in raising questions and engaging in discussions, and his strong grades and GPA offer proof of his outstanding determination and intellect.


By witnessing Mr. Smith’s performance in the class, I am convinced that he is destined for success. He displayed excellent time management skills, and his excellence extended beyond the classroom. As the team leader of the Goodwell University’s Security Camp, he used his leadership skills to organize activities. Through his various classes and activities, he honed his communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills, and these traits will be of great assistance in his future endeavors.


Mr. Smith has also acquired considerable international experience. He attended Princeton University’s American Language and Culture Program and received a grade of A. Aside from developing a fluency in English, this experience gave him thorough experience working with a wide range of people in an international sphere. In addition to his impressive academic abilities, I believe that this experience in particular will give him a great advantage in pursuing a master’s degree in your university.


Mr. Smith truly stood out among his peers. He has a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of economics, and his personal qualities inspire affinity in his classmates and colleagues. I have no doubt that Mr. Smith will successfully complete his master’s program, and further, I fully expect him to excel and stand at the top of his class. I therefore recommend him to your postgraduate program. If you should require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Dave Johnson, Ph.D.
Department of Economics
National Goodwell University


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