IELTS Speaking Guide: Practice Test (3)


Part 1 of IELTS will ask you several questions about 3 different topics.  Use the following tests and practice with a partner.  Try to answer the questions for all 3 topics in about 5 minutes.  If your partner does not give you a reason for their answer, ask why.


Practice Test 3

Let’s talk about what you do.  What type of work do you do?

Do you enjoy your job?

Do you think you’ll do this job for a long time?

Let’s talk about science.

Did you enjoy learning science in school?

Do you watch science programs on television?

Are there many science museums in your city?

Would you like to learn more about science?

Let’s move on to talk about making things by hand.

Do you ever make things by hand?

Did you learn to make things by hand in school?

Are hand-made items popular in your country?

Do you think it’s important to learn how to make things by hand?


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