IELTS Writing Test: Task 1 (Tips and Advice)


Task 1 is usually a bar chart, graph, or flow chart and you are asked to describe the chart and point out the most prominent details. You are required to write a minimum of 150 words.


  1. This task only requires 150 words; therefore, try to only spend 20 minutes writing because it does not carry as much weight as Task 2.
  2. You should be able to complete this task in about 3-4 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Describe the graph or chart.

Paragraph 2/3: Give a general description of the details, and point out those that are most significant.

Last Paragraph: Give a brief summary and make conclusions from the significant details.

  1. In Paragraph 1, do not copy the description given in the question; paraphrase it using your own words. If you directly copy the description, those words will be taken off your final word count.
  2. Make sure you write 150 words; if you are short, it will affect your score.


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